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Report: Sierra Leone Pastor Finds 13th Largest Hockey Puck-Sized Diamond

First Posted: Mar 19, 2017 03:03 AM EDT
World's largest intense pink diamond could sell for more than $20m

The world's largest uncut diamonds has discovered by a Christian pastor in Sierra Leone's Kono district. The weighing 709 karats diamonds are now locked up in Sierra Leone's Central Bank.

According to BBC, Pastor Emmanuel Momoh has found a 706-carat diamond. He decided to give it to authorities to help development in the West African Country. The Sierra Leone thinks that one of its citizens is the real gem.

The diamond from Sierra Leone's Kono is similar to the size of the hockey puck. It is one of the 20 largest diamonds ever found. However, the government, which thanked Momoh for not smuggling it out of the country, plans to auction it.

The discovery of Pastor Emmanuel Momoh's discovery is the biggest diamond to be found in Sierra Leone since 1972.The Rough and Polished diamond analyses have stated that the new discovery diamond is the 13th largest diamond ever to be found.

Daily News has reported that it is very difficult to estimate the new discovery diamond prize as it is quality not size determines the value of a diamond. But the news correspondent says that the new discovery may have a blemish.

The most expensive diamond is found in Botswana that was 813 karats and sold for $63 million last year. The president of the country Ernest Bai Koroma has stated that Momoh would get its due after the country receives its millions.

The clergyman found the diamond stone near the village of Yakadu while supplementing incoming by freelance mining. The practice may take up in Sierra Leone. Beside this, Diamonds from the country, wracked by a long-running civil war were banned from export until 2003.

Momoh reported that after writing my school-leaving exams he took to full-scale mining to help to pay University fees. He hopes that the two-carat diamond will pay his university fees.

Meanwhile, the discovered diamond was first taken to President on Wednesday. The president thanked the local people for not smuggling the diamond out of the country.

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