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'Dark Souls III' Bandai Namco News; Massive Updates Rolling into Final DLC The Ringed City, New Weapons & PvP Arenas, Trial On March 24

First Posted: Mar 18, 2017 06:28 AM EDT
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"Dark Souls III" second final DLC "The Ringed City" will be launched in less than two weeks from now. Bandai Namco hosted a live stream and hinted a massive update and lots of new multiplayer options. The said update will be free for anybody even for those who do not buy the second DLC.

This coming March 28 will be the "Dark Souls III" final DLC "The Ringed City." Bandai Namco conducted live stream that can be described as a happy medium as they explore PvP, Soul series' ultimate outing's single-player and new weapons, Eurogamer has reported.

Players can spot the new Twitch steam showcasing the newly added weapons, like a huge SWAT team-like shield. Which is more like of "Dark Souls II" Undead Crypt, the fire-infused Ringed Knight Straight Sword that ultimately looks gorgeous and the Lothric Banner that provides allies with AOE protection.

The team of Bandai Namco explained during their lives tream that these weapons are important in "Dark Souls III" PvP. Before showcasing two new areas, The Dragon Shrine - exactly looks like Archdragon Peak and The Grand Roof located atop Lothric Castle, as per Express.

The two arenas are taken from the map of the game but with better little battle stages that are designed for the PvP fighting. "Dark Souls III" matchmaking will finally allow friends of the players to band together in the new PvP. It against the random team's allocation system that is currently in place.

The players of "Dark Souls III" should have to access the zones as they own the game's Season Pass or "The Ringed City." For accessing the zones, players can also own the previous DLC, the Ashes of Ariandel. So, this means players on March 24 can try the new PvP arenas as they have their own one of the latter.

According to some reports, the stream looks at the single-player campaign, especially "The Dreg Heap" area. The boss of the "Dark Souls III" final DLC, The Ringed City reportedly terrifying with vicious bat-like creatures. The Demon in Pain and Demon from Below will be the name of the boss.

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