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‘Dragon Ball Super’ Episode 83: Hello Bulla! Vegeta & Bulma’s 2nd Daughter Makes Her First Appearance

First Posted: Mar 20, 2017 02:48 AM EDT
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"Dragon Ball Super" episode 83 "Forming The Universe 7 Representative Team" will be all about Goku's search for fighters to join Universe 7 at the Universal Survival Tournament. Goku finally realizes that he has to find strong fighters if he has the chance to stand up against Toppo. But Goku will find it very hard to recruit Vegeta because he is very worried about his wife giving birth to their second child. This special episode will give viewers a chance to see Bulla, Vegeta and Bulma's daughter, for the first time.

Bulla appeared in "Dragon Ball Super" episode 83 but the little girl that looks very much like her mother Bulma, actually debuted at the end of "Dragon Ball Z," Comic Book reported. Next week's episode will give fans an eyeful of Bulla's childhood. In an episode preview, Bulla was seen swaddled by Bulma with her mother's trademark hair color and large eyes.

A special "Dragon Ball Super" episode 83 summary was also released saying that Goku and Vegeta might enter into a feud because Vegeta turned down Goku's request of joining Universe 7 team. But it looks like he might change his mind at the end of the episode once he sees that his newborn daughter and wife are OK.

In a "Dragon Ball Super" wiki by Fandom, Bulla was described as a Saiyan and Earthling hybrid and bears no resemblance to her father. Bulla was Age 780 in "Dragon Ball Super" episode 83 and this was months following the fight with Future Zamasu and Goku. Bulla appeared not just at the Universe Survival Saga in "Dragon Ball Super" but also in "Dragon Ball Z" during the Peaceful World Saga, "Dragon Ball GT" during the Black Star Dragon Ball Saga and in "Super 17 Saga."

Bulla will grow up to be as strong as her father and according to Toriyama; she is strong despite not participating in any battle. The child prefers to shop and enjoy life instead of train and become a fighter like her father. From the "Dragon Ball GT Perfect Files," Bulla can turn into Super Saiyan since she has Saiyan blood. This could be manifested when evil arrives or if there is imminent danger. Fans can take a peek of baby Bulla in "Dragon Ball Super" episode 83 "Forming The Universe 7 Representative Team" on March 25, Saturday at Crunchyroll 7:15 p.m. CST.

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