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Five Most Outstanding Online Music Streaming Services Worldwide

First Posted: Mar 20, 2017 07:53 PM EDT
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Music has been a big part of everyone's lives and music streaming is on-demand all over the world, as more listeners are paying their attentions on massive online libraries of tunes. When it comes to online music streaming, there are five best music streaming services in terms of prices, features, exclusives and music quality options.

One of those online music streaming that is most popular in today's generation is Spotify. According to Techradar, Spotify is the first to offer a free service of music streaming through an ad-supported option. Spotify also offers three tiers of streaming quality, on the desktop the user will have a choice of either 160kbps or 320kbps, while on mobile it offers 96kbps.

On the second spot is the Apple Music, a given pioneered of portable music with the iPod and iTunes. In streaming, Apple Music can stream at 256kbps in AAC and it has 24-hour live radio service that features numerous celebrities. Speaking of premieres, Apple is the first to showcase the songs from some of the world's biggest pop artists like Drake, Taylor Swift, and Frank Ocean.

For Digital Trends, on the third spot is Pandora, which recently revealed its much-anticipated on-demand streaming tier that highlighted for about 40 million tracks. Because of the abundance of data on each song, Pandora is able to offer the best curated, radio-style streaming online. However, Pandora will have its limitation, users are not allowed to replay songs due to its licensing restrictions.

On the fourth spot is Tidal, a music service that purchased by the hip-hop mogul Jay-Z in 2015. Tidal's interface have a similar to Spotify's interface, it has a section that contains curated playlists but compared to Spotify Tidal's interface is not as slick as Spotify, especially in mobile applications.

On the last spot is Deezer, that has been great in streaming service and available in 183 countries. The service is recently rolled out in the US and offers its free 30-day trial. The free tier also offers the unlimited music on desktop and tablet, yet it limits the user to the mixes and Flows features on mobile. Downloading music offline is not available and the quality of its audio is capped at 128kbit/s.

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