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'Sniper Elite 4' To Get Its First Ever DLC Packed With Free Contents on March 21

First Posted: Mar 20, 2017 07:49 PM EDT
Sniper Elite 4 - Gameplay Trailer

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"Sniper Elite 4" has been a super exciting title among the lovers of action saga since its official launch in the last month. And now Rebellion Developments, the architect behind this wonderful shooter game, indicated that the title will see its first ever DLC in this week. Beginning this March 21, 2017, the DLC will be evolved as both a paid extension alongside a free addition to its multiplayer mood as promised earlier by the publisher.

According to Digital Trends, the primary part of this DLC comes as paid or premium content, named as Deathstorm. The beginning level of this three-part mini-campaign of "Sniper Elite 4" will be rolled out on the above-mentioned date on Xbox One, Playstation 4 and PC platforms. The initial leg comprises the main protagonist Karl Fairburne kept in a Nazi naval as a German bomber to destroy the beings there.

As per a report by Polygon, the main hero 'Fairburne's mission is bang up all the areas and to find out a mysterious package, critical to the Manhattan Project developing the United States' atomic weapon. The level can be played as single player or in multiplayer mode. Besides this, the free multiplayer mode has been dubbed as Elimination. It allows a two-team setup with a cap of 12 players as maximum.

The Deathstorm 2 is expected to be launched by the end of April and the conclusive mode in this three-staged mini-campaign of "Sniper Elite 4" is hinted to make its official debut by May or June of this year. However, it is still unknown whether all the three levels would b e available as standalone or it would be just packed with the season pass, which worths $35.

However, it has also been indicated that the owners of season pass of "Sniper Elite 4" will get the access to Night Fighter. The mode will include three brand new weapons, night-time camo rifle skins for all the eight existing weapons and new male/female characters skins

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