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Angelina Jolie Used Fake Information During The Adoption Of Maddox, Claims Cambodian Aid Worker

First Posted: Mar 21, 2017 02:11 AM EDT
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Angelina Jolie has been donning the headlines for her humanitarian works for the past few weeks. However, a Cambodian aid worker has claimed that the actress used false information to speed up the adoption process of her eldest son, Maddox. 

According to The Sun, 51-year old Mounh Sarath has presented himself as the father of Maddox Jolie-Pitt on the adoption papers back in 2003. This was done in order to speed up the process of passing the boy to Angelina Jolie. 

Sarath further claimed that he has also added a local address on the documentations. And since the information was then passed as real, he still has power of attorney over Angelina Jolie's eldest son.

"In court documents, Maddox is still my son and She (Angelina Jolie) never cleared this up," The Sun quoted Sarath. "She had to change his name, so the only way was for me to do it and I said he's my son."

Sarath further added that he is not in contact with Angelina Jolie anymore. He also wished that the Hollywood actress never visits Cambodia again.

Sarath went on to bring out the document filed with a court in back in August 2003 when Angelina Jolie decided to adopt Maddox. According to the document, the court did consider him the father during the adoption procedure.

During the time, Angelina Jolie and her then-husband, Billy Bob Thornton, were the one who adopted Maddox. There has been no implication or official statement that the Hollywood actors knew what Sarath did. 

According to Mail Online, when Angelina Jolie made the decision, adoption was a difficult process during those days. The US had to enforce laws and special restrictions on adopting children from Cambodia due to trafficking issues. 

The new claim from Sarath has become the latest controversy in Angelina Jolie's life. During the time of adoption, the actress made sure that Maddox's parents were not living as she did not want a child to be taken away from his mother.

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