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iPhone 8 Now Said To Break All Earlier Records Of Apple With Its New Specs

First Posted: Mar 30, 2017 01:59 AM EDT
Official Apple IPhone 8 Trailer 2017

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Apple has long been a subject of wide speculations among tech fans for its upcoming installment of iPhone. The smartphone said to be dubbed as iPhone 8, has witnessed many rumors regarding its features and specs since its announcement.Besides all other stuff, the handset is said to have a high price tag of $1000. This insight has recently convinced an ample number of tech analysts and experts to believe that iPhone 8 may not have a superlative sales stake in the smartphone market. But JPMorgan analyst Rod Hall has something different to state in this context.

According to BGR, Hall believed that iPhone 8 will encompass more sales margin than the earlier instances of iPhone. According to the analyst, iPhone 8 and iPhone Pro, as the next variants of iPhone are said to be labelled, will turn down all the earlier records of Apple's iconic handset lineup. Hall further stated that Apple is expected to clinch an unbelievable sales margin of about 260 million copies of iPhone by this year only, unlike last year's stats of 211 million. Moreover, he expected that iPhone Pro will solely contribute a margin of $65 million more than the stake of iPhone 7.

As per a report by TechAdvisor, iPhone 8 is expected to be revamped with an extraordinary lineup of specs and features, The handset is said to flaunt Apple most advanced software ever: iOS 11 operating unit. The smartphone will be equipped with a bezel-less 5.8-inches edge-to-edge display. As for memory specification, the handset will sport a 3 GB RAM alongside 256 internal memory zone. Moreover, iPhone 7's next version iPhone 7s and 7s Plus are expected to flaunt some similarities with the next-gen iPhone 8.

According to potential sources, the first similarity among this spectacular lineup would be a newly evolved A11 processor. Furthermore, both the flagships will have front and back full glass made finishing alongside wireless charging attribute. iPhone 8 is said to be officially launched sometime by the end of 2017.

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