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United Continental Suffer Stocks Crashed After Video Of Passenger Violently Dragged From Flight Went Viral

First Posted: Apr 14, 2017 05:08 AM EDT
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Photo : Twitter/United

United Continental Holdings value has been severely affected by a viral video of a passenger who was violently removed from a United Airlines flight. United Continental Holdings, who owns and operates United Airlines, is said to have suffered nearly a billion dollars loss after people all over the world lashed out against the overbooking fiasco.

Shares for United Continental were down by 4 per cent from a mid-morning trading on Wall Street Tuesday, Independent reported. This value was close to a billion of the total market value of UCH and was able to slowly recover at the end of the day and closed at 1.15 per cent lower.

The viral video which was uploaded by passengers of a United Airlines flight was about a man who was violently dragged out of the plane by United security officers at the Chicago O'Hare International Airport. The United Continental airline company said that the flight was overbooked and they needed seats for staff. From the video, security officers were seen removing the man from his window seat as he shrieked. The officers dragged him across the aisle to exit the plane while passengers were heard complaining and seen using their mobile phones to take videos of the incident.

Still another video was uploaded and the man was seen running across the aisle saying that he wanted to go home. Blood was seen flowing from his chin and he was in complete shock as he held on the curtains and would not let go. Later, the man was identified as David Dao, a 67-year old doctor from Kentucky. Dao is also a professional poker player and has participated in many pro poker tournaments since 2006, Forbes reported.

United Continental chief executive Oscar Munoz said that they had to remove passengers from the flight because they had to make room for four staff members of a partner airline. Munoz admitted that he was not happy about the incident but said that their employees follow certain procedures when faced with difficult passengers and situations like this. He added that Dao was "disruptive and belligerent" and was one of the reasons why he was removed from the Chicago to Louisville flight.

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