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‘One Punch Man’ More Than Ready To Take On Western Super Heroes As Series Goes Into Production

First Posted: Apr 19, 2017 05:30 AM EDT
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"One Punch Man" may have become too popular as the unlikely hero Saitama was depicted in a fan art as a powerful fighter ready to take on western heroes from Marvel and DC Extended Universe. An over the top art was posted online hinting how popular Saitama has become all over the world and as fans entertain themselves while waiting for season two to come round, creators announce that the next season is definitely in production.

"One Punch Man" fan art are over the web but the most interesting ones were about pitting Saitama with western heroes like those from Marvel or DC Extended Universe. One such fan art that caught a lot of attention was posted on Facebook by Lee Woo Chul, Comic Book reported. This was Lee's first work about "One Punch Man" and it was about Saitama clutching the collar of an already pained Superman and Iron Man and Batman waiting for their turn. Iron Man is seen at Saitama's back ready to discharge a repulsor beam as a defeated Captain America crawls out of the scene. The art was called "Disaster Level SAITAMA" and was posted last year.

As "One Punch Man" conquers fans all over the world, followers of the animated series are still asking when will season 2 premiere. Last week, creators of the series reveal that season 2 is now in production. It was confirmed by Ken Xyro via Twitter that the series is not in hiatus and season 2 is in the works, reported. But as expected, Xyro could not confirm the exact date of release and said that it will be announced soon.

News of "One Punch Man" season 2 was also announced at the Wanpan Fall Festival last year. Fans who witnessed the announcement were told that the released date was TBA and it was not cleared if the next season will be simulcast on television or not.

Regarding the possible plot for "One Punch Man" season 2, it is rumored that Saitama will soon taste his first defeat. He will be fighting stronger villains and may be overcome by the Monster Association, a group of villains who wants to eliminate every Hero Association member. Saitama's defeat may be due to his reduced powers and may become more vulnerable this coming season.

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