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Sony Xperia ZX Tips and Tricks For Best Smartphone Experience

First Posted: Apr 19, 2017 05:49 AM EDT
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Technology giant Sony launched its Xperia ZX smartphone sometime last year, taking the market by a storm. The device came packed with numerous beneficial features - chief of them being its waterproofing abilities besides its camera enhancement addition. However, a few tweaks here and there could really help one make the most of their Sony Xperia ZX smartphones.

For starters, the Sony Xperia ZX smartphone is a battery-drainer, thanks to its endless features. Given that the users don't exactly have access to several options to eliminate this particular drawback, one is required to come up with a new way to encounter the problem.

According to a report published by Android Advices, Sony Xperia ZX users can simply set the brightness level of their devices low. Post which, they can change the sleep mode to a lesser time limit by going to their settings option. This will allow the users to make optimum use of their Sony Xperia ZX without having to face an issue wherein the battery is constantly being eaten by unnecessary activities going on.

As pointed by various sources, one can simply turn to the smartphone's 'Stamina mode' in order to save as much battery power as they possibly can. This feature, similar to the one found on most iPhone devices, is of great help when the device is on low battery and one wants their Sony Xperia ZX's to last longer.

Moreover, as per further reports, users can avail an easier way to transfer content from Sony Xperia Z to their computers by simply making use of the PC Companion tool provided by the company themselves. It's an easy five step procedure wherein users simply need to install the tool on their computers and transfer data from their devices to the system as per their preferences.

This is especially beneficial when users are looking towards getting their data or rather, important information backed up in a safe place. This way, one need not worry about losing the data on their devices. Stay tuned for more Sony Xperia ZX updates.

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