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‘Arrow’ Season 6 Confirmed; Cassidy To Reprise Role As Villain

First Posted: Apr 19, 2017 05:49 AM EDT
'Arrow' Season 6 Trailer

The CW recently renewed "Arrow" with Season 5. There have been a lot of ups and downs in the past two seasons of the show. Followed by the death of the character Laurel Lance in Season 4, the showrunners went on a different tangent with Laurel's evil Earth-2 doppelganger in "Arrow" Season 5. After all of this, it still doesn't appear like CW series is ready to give up on "Arrow" just yet. A new rumor has it that the makers are planning on renewing Arrow with yet another season.

According to a report published by The Reporter Times, story-writers of "Arrow" plan on giving Cassidy a full blown part of the upcoming Season 6. The executive producer of "Arrow," Marc Guggenheim while talking about the future of the show, was heard saying that the show-makers are excited to see where the story will take them. He emphasized on how Katie's fearless interpretation of Laurel's doppelganger was so good that there was no chance that the character was to end this season. In other words, we can expect Laurel's doppelganger to make an exciting comeback in "Arrow" Season 6.

It was much later when Oliver realized the truth behind Cassidy that he caught her again. This successfully marked an important event in the show as it paved the way in the future season for Oliver to play the hero's part, thereby, pushing Cassidy's importance in Arrow as the powerful villain. According to ComicBook, "Arrow" Season 6 will be more dramatic.

As per reports, there is no denying the fact that "Arrow" Season 6 is truly on its way. However, many questions keep haunting its fans, for instance, what does the future hold for Oliver Queen and could the Green Arrow die again? Stay tuned for more "Arrow" Season 6 news and updates.

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