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Nintendo NES Classic Edition Discontinued But New Stock Spotted On eBay

First Posted: Apr 21, 2017 08:48 AM EDT
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When NES was initially launched back in 1985, it was undoubtedly an instant hit among the gaming enthusiasts. It is natural for fans to be heavily disappointed when the company announces its discontinuation almost 32 years later. Even though the Japanese company had re-released its production in November last year, it was only recently reported that they were now planning on discontinuing the product for good. Nintendo NES Classic Edition is known as one of the best gaming devices in the world.

According to a report published by Stuff!, Japanese firm Nintendo recently announced that they were planning on discontinuing the retro game production after selling over 1.5 million units in the market. The reason is not officially announced, however, it is widely believed that the company was unable to meet the rising demand of Nintendo NES Classic Edition. It was much more than what the retailers could supply.

Reports also indicate that while the nostalgic gaming system went on sale back on 11 November 2016 at a price of 50 pounds. However, following its release in the market especially pertaining to the sale on eBay, the buyers went on a crazy bidding spree. This came across as a big shocker to Nintendo as the company never launched the product with the intention of making it an on-going, long-term product. Thus, later keeping the fact that they couldn't meet the high demands in mind, they decided to discontinue Nintendo NES Classic Edition Consoles this year.

On the contrary, a report published by Forbes now suggests that the possibility of the classic console making a comeback is highly likely. The product was even reportedly spotted on eBay with its price hiking up to 40 per cent more. With Nintendo NES Classic Edition costing merely 50 pounds, the device was spotted as being priced at $352.20 back in April - which is the double time the price.

It remains to be seen whether they actually do make a comeback after all these announcements. Stay tuned for more Nintendo NES Classic Edition updates.

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