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‘One Piece’ Manga On A Short Break; Forum Predict Big Mom Will React Differently On Carmel’s Portrait Destruction

First Posted: Apr 29, 2017 11:32 AM EDT
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"One Piece" manga is going on a break to make way for the Golden Week Holiday. Fans will have to wait till May 8 until chapter 864 previews but until then, they are heading to forums and social sites to discuss what will happen to Big Mom, Luffy, the Straw Hats and Jinbe.

One thing is sure with the next "One Piece" manga, Big Mom is not pleased. After she saw the destruction of Mother Carmel's photo by someone disguised as Luffy, she knew exactly what will happen next. Manga Scream has the latest English subbed copies of "One Piece" manga chapter 863 and it featured Big Mom totally unprepared for the event.

Big Mom just found out that she can't take Jinbe's lifespan after he courageously told her that he wanted out of the Big Mom Pirates group in "One Piece" manga chapter 863. Jinbe was not afraid anymore and therefore Big Mom had no power over him. And just when she was about to lose it and take it on Luffy, Brook, disguised as Luffy, took a hammer and broke the beloved portrait.

A forum on Manga Helpers discussed about the possible outcome of "One Piece" manga since this is a critical time for the Big Mom Pirates, the Vinsmokes and the Straw Hats. Members voted on the possible events and most of the members agreed that the destruction of Carmel's picture will trigger something completely different in the pirate queen.

It is also possible that someone really important may meet her or his end in the next "One Piece" manga. Possible candidates are Jinbe after he told Big Mom that he wants out, Luffy since he ruined the entire wedding event for Big Mom and possibly Big Mom herself. It is no secret to her family that if Mother Carmel's portrait gets shattered, Big Mom goes into an emotional fit that could render her defenseless. Luffy and Capone could use this time to attack.

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