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Venezuela’s Children Are Starving: Here’s How You Can Help

First Posted: Jun 16, 2017 06:45 AM EDT
Reports of attack on Venezuelan military fort as armed men call for uprising
Venezuelan Children are Starving

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Venezuela's economic crisis is creating a grave child malnourishment issue. Oil-rich in reserves, the country took a hard blow during last year's depression when prices for oil plunged to abysmal new lows. The result has left children to suffer from poor nutrition and the lack of medicine.

Hyperinflation is contributing to a troubling problem where basic goods from supermarkets are costing more than $45 per month and far exceeding the average Venezuelan's minimum, $15 monthly salary. The country's inability to effectively distribute food or water to the public has brought forth drastic food shortages and serious cases of marasmus, a fatal condition stemming from extreme malnutrition.

More than 70% of Venezuelans lost an average of 8 kilos in 2016, according to BBC reports.

In addition to overpriced basic foods, the amount of medical supplies and vitamins in Venezuela is severely scarce. Orangelis Figuera, a seven-month-old baby, was the first infant this year to die from her condition. A physician from the immediate care unit where Orangelis was being treated stated that the child was resuscitated when she came in due to her not being vaccinated or adequately nourished.

Orangelis' case is sadly just one in a disturbing trend of starving Venezuelan children. To learn more about the crisis and how you can help, see the BBC video linked below and a list of organizations helping to stem child starvation.

1. South American Initiative: Venezuela

2. CHAMOS Charity

3. Project World Impact: Venezuela

4. Caritas Venezuela

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