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(VIDEO) Can Ohtani Shohei Sing Better Than Justin Bieber?

First Posted: Oct 05, 2018 01:59 PM EDT
Ohtani Shohei

Photo : wikipedia

Ohtani Shohei is compared to Babe Ruth time to time.

He hit 20 homers as hitter and recording 4-2 as pitcher in 10 games. In 1919, Babe Ruth was the first player to have landed more than 10 games with more than 20 home runs.

Yahoo Sports said, "Ohtani is good at pitching, good at batting, and singing well," he said. "What can he not do well?"

Angels pitcher Williams Jerez posted an image of Ohtani singing in Instagram.

Ohtani sang 'Despacito' inside the bus and his teammates cheered Ohtani with great applause.

Ohtani showed a witty change to some Japanese lyrics.

Despacito was released in January 2017, and in April of that year top star Justin Bieber released a remix version in English and became popular worldwide.

MLB.com started a poll asking which version was better, Ohtani or Justin Bieber and so far Ohtan is leading with 93% of the 4178 votes.

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