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Eminem Battle Rap Series: 'Road to Slaughter' to Debut on FuseTV

First Posted: Jun 18, 2014 12:00 PM EDT
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Shady Films and Electus Digital have announced that Eminem and Shady Records' UFC-inspired competitive battle rap reality series "Road to Slaughter" is scheduled to air on FuseTV today, June 18.

According to Battle Rap, Electus Digital, the owner of hip-hop website, announced in a press release on Tuesday, June 17, their partnership with Shady Films and FuseTV to debut the highly-anticipated show's four episodes before making them available online. The network will also air a special called "Bright Lights," which will chronicle the lives of hip-hop's most talented rappers headlining the battle on July 10.

The reality series will be all about "eight of the hungriest battle MC's in the country living together and competing for the right to face-off on the undercard of Total Slaughter." It will feature exciting rap battles between headliners Slaughterhouse rapper Joe Budden and Hollow Da Don, as well as Loaded Lux and Murda Mook. "I'mma kill Joe Budden," Hollow Da Don boastfully said in the released trailer. Math Hoffa, Dizaster, Arsonal, Daylyt, Cortez, Marv Won, Big T and Aye Verb were also originally announced on the same card.

In an April interview with Rolling Stone, the Detroit emcee's manager Paul Rosenberg discussed the main concept of the battle rap series, which was previously filmed in Brooklyn earlier this year. "What we look at this opportunity as, is a way to do for battle rapping what UFC did for MMA," he said. "That's really the model we're basing it on. It's this great thing that a lot of people love, but it's very splintered, and it's very niche, and it's not really brought into the right production levels that it can or should be."

"Road to Slaughter" is set to air on FuseTV today, June 18 at 11:59 p.m. EST. 

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