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Google Glass News: You Could Find Them at Work or Museums

First Posted: Jun 22, 2014 11:44 AM EDT
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The newest step into technological progress has become available to everyday users. Though they continue to initiate debates over privacy, the Google Glass could also become a useful tool in other environments outside personal use.

At the Google Glass continues to be used more and more, Google has begun to encourage a diversity of uses for the new wearable technology and announced a new program called "Glass at Work." The program began in April and allowed for program developers to create apps for Glass that would be useful at work, according to Business Insider.

The five companies allowed to participate in this pilot program are APX Labs, creators of Skylight, which lets enterprise secure apps for their companies; Augmedix, which helps doctors automatically enter information during health exams to electronic medical records; CrowdOptic, which makes software that crowdsources video from an event; Wearable Intelligence, which offers a variety of apps for manufacturing, healthcare and other industries; and GuidiGO.

This last company has the potential to break through faster the other ones since some of its apps are already in use in some museums. GuidiGO makes apps for museums and cultural institutions. However, according to Mashable, the combination of GuidiGO apps and Google Glass could replace audio tours for virtual ones.

The app was one of the first companies allowed into the Glass at Work program and has developed an app that museums that use for their patrons.

According to Mashable's Karissa Bell, "The app uses image recognition to automatically identify works of art and other exhibits, quickly surfacing relevant information about what the wearer is looking at. The app also offers narrated audio guidance and indoor and outdoor navigation to help guide visitors around the museum's grounds."

Currently, individual museums can only sign the company's licensing contracts to begin using the app; however, the company has been working for the past six months with two museums in the United States with great success.

The company, Mashable reported, already has 200 tours ready for Google Glass users and is offering museums the ability to make the app free for those who own their own Google Glass. So, perhaps next time you are in the Met or another museum you could be using Google Glass.

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