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The Order 1886 Release Date: PS4 Exclusive Game Hits Stores in 2014

First Posted: Aug 23, 2013 07:26 AM EDT
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The Order 1886

Photo : Youtube/ Play Station

Another video game is about to make waves in the gaming world, and it's set to hit Sony's newest console in 2014.

Developed by the same Southern California studio that created the God of War series for the PlayStation Portable (PSP), The Order: 1886 is one of the most awaited titles to be exclusively released in the upcoming PlayStation 4 console. IGN even dubbed the game the PS4's version of the award-winning video game, Uncharted.

However, according to another IGN report, the game will not be making its way to store shelves this year. In a closed-doors session at Gamescon, Ready At Dawn founder Ru Weerasuriya told the exclusive group of people who were in attendance at the demo that the game is "still a year or so off" from being released. If this is the case, IGN notes that the game may be available to play around late summer next year.

Notably though, amidst what could be a very long wait for eager gamers, this could also mean that the developers have ample time to make The Order: 1886 the ultimate game for the PS4.

The Order: 1886 features a distinct take on the Victorian era that makes it stand out. The third-person shooter game is set in an alternate universe, focusing on London and the war that transpires against inhuman forces during the era.

"Developer Ready At Dawn has created a unique steampunk-inspired take on Victorian London as they enter Ripper territory through the gates of Whitechapel," PlayStation Universe wrote.

Weerasuriya, who also wrote the video game, notes however that "steampunk" isn't a word they would use to describe the game.

"It's a word that we don't use -- it's the 's' word," Weerasuriya told Joystiq. "We don't use that word purely because I think there's a connotation of 'steampunk' that's already been built into a lot of things out there -- movies, anime, all that. That is not exactly the one we try to endear to. I think our world is a lot darker, grittier, dirtier and more real."

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