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iPhone 5 vs. iPhone 5S vs. iPhone 5C: Detailed Photos Leaked, No Siri for Budget iPhone?

First Posted: Aug 24, 2013 10:46 AM EDT
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Apple has not even confirmed the Sept. 10 release date for the new iPhone, but the leaks have been pouring in at an unusually rapid pace.

This time, the photos have gone from a few teasers to a full-blown gallery of what to expect when we make our next iPhone purchase. From the colors to the material, these photos will provide fans with the opportunity to get a sneak peak of the entire phone before Apple even starts to talk about it.

Sonny Dickson published the photos on his website Friday, calling his post the "proverbial jackpot of iPhone hardware leaks." From the outside to the inside, from the plastic case to the gold case, the phones are looking as revolutionary as ever. Apple's decision to add a plastic phone -- and five colors -- to the mix introduces a special spice to the release that we haven't seen in previous years. While Apple has always made significant internal changes to the specifications of the phone, the outside of it has remained quite simple -- usually black, sometimes white, and made of the same material.

The 5S, which will have a gold color option, is expected to feature a better camera as well as a fingerprint scanner. The 5S is said to have a better version of the iOS 7 operating system than the 5C, which just seems to be a reflection of what consumers will get for the price they pay. It is also rumored that the cheaper phone may not even have the signature Siri.

The 5C is mostly just a colorful way for Apple to keep up with competitors that already have low-budget phone options. The actual release of two different phones is a bold move by Apple -- and who knows how it will play out? When a company that has been featuring one phone at a time introduces a second version of it, it makes all the difference.

Sonny Dickson describes himself on the website as the "go-to source for apple news thanks to his many sources and developer skills." His post with the leaked photos has racked up a plethora of comments from big-time Apple fans who want to know every last detail about the much-anticipated iPhones. 

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