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Netflix Careers: Streaming Company Is Hiring Someone to Binge Watch Their Programming

First Posted: Jul 13, 2014 10:07 AM EDT
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Netflix has revolutionized the entertainment viewing industry with its online streaming of movies and TV shows, and the results of that are that users can access them anywhere: from their computers, tablets, smartphones, and other electronic devices.

Netflix announced this week that they will be going a step further by providing someone with the occupation of binge watching TV shows and films on the company's website. Netflix is seeking people in their London branch, to watch all of their shows that are available, either in streaming or via DVDs. Sorry U.S., this is for the U.K. only.

The idea is that the London Netflix office is hiring what the company calls "taggers," whose sole responsibility is viewing, evaluating, showing objectivity, and reporting on TV shows and movies, Fast Company reported. The job application adds that the "tagger" will have access to TV programs such as "Orange Is the New Black," and "House of Cards," and movies, before they premiere on the main website, and therefore before the company's customers see them.

Part of the "tagger's" duties would be coming up with unbiased tags that would assist Netflix in classifying its large database of TV shows and films, NBC News reported. Perhaps, in having a "tagger" who can give an opinion that is not generated by an automaton, then Netflix is starting the process of creating specific categories for films and TV shows.

The "tagger" is then expected to add keywords that would influence and perhaps elevate Netflix's recommendations. Already built into Netflix's system, the applicant would be working with data and algorithms linked to the users' or in this case the employee's viewing history, the Chicago Tribune reported.

The "tagger" that they are searching for is not an avid film watcher, but Netflix is seeking someone with a "degree in film or film history, or experience in directing, screenwriting, and filmmaking," NBC News reported.

The "tagger" application has already attracted 80 applicants through Netflix's LinkedIn posting, reports the Chicago Tribune.

Two bonuses to the job are that potential employees could work from home, and that they get a free subscription to Netflix.

You could view the YouTube trailer for the U.K. application by clicking here.

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