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Keeping Up with the Kardashians Cast Update: Kendall Jenner Considering Quitting Show Next Season

First Posted: Jul 23, 2014 07:22 PM EDT
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Kendall Jenner is considering quitting the reality show that once brought her to fame: "Keeping Up with the Kardashians."

As her celebrity status and modeling portfolio continues to expand, advisers to the 18 year-old brunette beauty have suggested that Kendall separate herself from her family's reality-TV empire.

However, Jenner is still contractually obligated to appear on the "KUWTK" series, so she is opting to stay clear from any Kardashian spin offs, The Daily Mail reports.

"While she's still contractually bound to the original Kardashian series, Kendall had the option to pull out of any other potential shows and that's exactly what she's done," said The Daily Mail source.

One of the reasons Jenner is opting to distance herself from the Kardashian brand is because of her fear that being associated as a reality star could damage her rising modeling career.

RadarOnline reports Jenner "has been advised by friends in the fashion industry that reality TV could damage her modeling career."

However, blames Jenner's inflated ego and high salary demands as the reasons for turmoil and tension between Jenner and the rest of the Kardashian family.

"Kendall thinks she's the hottest sister by far. Now that she's famous and heavily involved in fashion, she sees herself as better than everyone else. She has become an egomaniac. That she's now demanding twice as much as her sisters to film the show," reports

Although there has been no confirmation on Jenner's departure from the hit series, IBT notes that Jenner has expressed her love for modeling and her decision to make modeling her main focus.

"I get more and more comfortable with [modeling]. It's fun though, it's the world I wanna be living in, so it's awesome," she said during an E! News interview reports IBT.

Should Kendall Jenner call it quits for "Keep Up with the Kardashians" or should she stay on the show? Share your comments below.

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