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Google Android and Apple iOS Dominate: Smartphone Market Rejects Windows Phone, Blackberry

First Posted: Aug 15, 2014 04:12 PM EDT
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Microsoft might want to dominate the smartphone world, but it continues to slide as Android and Apple's iOS are dominating the smartphone market based on the Q2 2014 data recently released by International Data Corporation (IDC), Apple Insider reported.

Based on IDC's report, Android garnered an 84.7 percent share of the market in Q2 2014, which is a 5 percent leap up from the market share Android had during the same period last year. This year's Q2 share accounts for a 255.3 million shipment volume. Apple comes in at second place, earning an 11.7 percent share of the market, dipping just slightly from its 13.0 percent share of the market for the same period in 2013. This meant a shipment volume of 35.2 million.

Windows Phone comes in as a very poor third, with just 2.5 market share, compared to 3.4 percent in Q2 2013, translating to a shipment volume of 7.4 million units.

The increase in shipment volumes of Android and iOS phones drastically affected the smartphone market performance of other major market players such as Blackberry and others, aside from Windows phones.

In terms of year-over-year growth, the largest market share currently being enjoyed by Android phones translates to 33.3 percent growth, with iOS phones registering a growth of 12.7 percent, which is still quite slow. However, the latest data showed by Microsoft's Windows phones now registers a -9.4 percent growth, which could give the company further headaches.

Blackberry's performance was even worse. In Q2 2013 its market share was 2.8 with a shipment volume of 6.7 million units. By Q2 2014, its market shared had dipped to 0.5 percent for a shipment volume of just 1.5 million. This means that its year-to-year growth had gone down to -78.0 percent.

IDC also showed that Android Phones dominate the low-end market for smartphones that are in the $200 range, while Apple's iOS phones dominate in the high-end market for phones that sell for around $400. These two platforms do not leave much room for Windows phones and other mobile operating systems. 

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