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Millennials and Hispanic Parents Likely to Refuse a Job if They Disagree With Company's Environmental Impact

First Posted: Aug 25, 2014 02:45 PM EDT

The majority of millennials and Hispanic parents are conscious of the environmental practices of their employers, according to a recent survey conducted by TD Bank.

More than 2,200 consumers of all ages, including 500 Hispanics, were consulted for the TD Bank Environmental Attitudes Survey regarding preferences, expectations and environmental behavior. The findings from this survey revealed that concerns over environmental practices can determine whether many Hispanics will take or keep a position, and their willingness to financially invest in environmental sustainability at their workplace.

More than 80 percent of respondents said they would contribute from personal finances in order to improve the environmental impact of their workplace, and more than 70 percent said it’s very important that their employers work toward improving environmental impact.

Approximately 54 percent of Hispanic respondents consider a company’s environmental stance very important when seeking employment, and that number increases when it comes to Hispanics with children in their homes (63 percent)

Thirty-four percent stated they would refuse a job based on a company's sustainable impact. And those with children are 5 percent more likely to refuse a job if they disagree with an organization’s sustainable impact.

"The results of our study indicate that employees hold a company's environmental commitment to a high regard," said Diana Glassman, Head of Environmental Affairs at TD Bank, in a press release. "Implementing a strong and innovative environmental program is not only the right thing to do, it is an effective way to attract, inspire and retain the best and brightest employees."

The strongest opinions about environmentally sustainable buildings come from millennials (66 percent) and households with children (57 percent). Eighty-two percent of Hispanic millennials and 85 percent of Hispanics with children in their households are willing to make a sustainable difference at work. Nonetheless, 77 percent of Hispanic respondents believe that businesses should function out of environmentally sustainable buildings.

Ninety-five percent of Hispanic respondents said that they would participate in environmentally friendly workplace events if they were offered, though only 50 percent of Hispanic respondents have regularly participated in the environmental activities offered at their workplace in the past.

The environment and sustainability are so close to the hearts of Hispanics that 83 percent of Hispanic respondents donate time to improving their community, and 95 percent of those who are environmentally active said they spend at least two to three hours each month improving their communities.

In the home, 87 percent of Hispanic respondents with children and 85 percent of millennials said they were willing to invest financially in the sustainable improvement of their households. And 47 percent of all Hispanic respondents stated they were willing to invest two to three hours each week to improve the sustainability of their home environment.

Also 91 percent of those with children stated they were willing to spend more time enhancing their home environment so that it would be more sustainable and safe for their children.

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