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Kate Upton Naked Topless Horse .Gif, Uncensored Video Clip Released

First Posted: Sep 14, 2013 11:33 AM EDT

Is the Holy Grail of softcore internet porn finally here?

Kate Upton graces the cover countless magazines, and the fresh-faced model has received numerous accolades and awards, including Model of the Year.

While there are photos of Upton in everything from bikinis to evening dresses to a parka, many fans would prefer to see her in even less. Now they might get their chance.

A video has surfaced showing Upton in all her natural glory. It seems a few years ago, a pigtailed Upton, then only 19 years old, did a photo shoot for Complex magazine. While the photographer snaps stills, Upton sits astride a horse. Yes, these fashion shoots sometimes get a bit esoteric.

But the buxom model is completely topless. While she uses one hand to steady herself atop the steed, the other arm barely manages to cover her bare breasts. Eventually, she gives up, and both arms drop to reveal a modern day Lady Godiva.

But where is this video, you ask? It's not available at the moment. A censored version of the original video was posted online by TMZ, but they quickly removed even that version, amid fears of litigation.

They do still have the video in their possession, though, and to rub that fact in, they released a reaction video, showing only the faces of two of their males employees watching the video, mouths agape.

Amazingly, the video hasn't surfaced on torrent sites, and it hasn't leaked to the media, or even enterprising porn studios. But fear not! It looks like a snippet of video does exist, converted to a .gif.

Of course, this may simply be decent Photoshop work, but it's difficult to tell, and it certainly looks real. Until the original video surfaces, fans will need to be content with this. Does it look real enough to you? Check out the .gif here.

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