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American Idol Knife Fight: Couple Who Stabbed Each Other Over Reality Show Sentenced

First Posted: Sep 19, 2013 02:09 PM EDT
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A Pennsylvania couple that got into a knife fight over who would win season 12 of  "American Idol" was sentenced on Tuesday. Neither party will see jail time.

Karen Elaine Harrelson, 48, and Gregory Stambaugh, 57, were watching "American Idol" on May 15 of this year when the altercation began in their West Manchester Township home in York, Pa. According to York Dispatch's coverage of the incident, the two were drunkenly arguing over whether Candice Glover or Kree Harrison should be the season's winner. (Glover ended up tthe victor.) According to investigators, one of the parties went to the kitchen, found a knife, and stabbed the other person. The person who got stabbed then grabbed the knife and reciprocated.

The couple was charged with felony aggravated assault which was later withdrawn due to how small the parties' injuries were. Harrelson received cuts on the top of her wrist and fingers. Stambaugh had a puncture wound on his forearm.

Both Harrelson and Stambaugh pleaded guilty on Tuesday to misdemeanor simple assault.

After the trial, not only did Harrelson and Stambaugh avoid prison sentences for mutual assault, but a court order that prevented the two from contacting each other was lifted.

"They truly love each other ... and they can't live without each other," Mike Fenton, Stambaugh's defense attorney, said in an interview with York Dispatch. "All I can say is I wish them the best of luck."

Harrelson and Stambaugh are still together.

A modified order remains in effect that stops Harrelson and Stambaugh from having "threatening, abusive or harassing contact."

According to court records, Harrelson was sentenced to 13 days to 23 months in county prison, a time-served sentencing. Meanwhile, Stambaugh received two years of probation. According to Hallman, standard-range state guidelines for sentencing did not call for prison.

Hallman said that the altercation was probably more due to the couple's lack of sobriety than over a passion for "American Idol" justice.

"I would say it was more about the inebriation," Hallman said.

Harrelson told presiding Senior Common Pleas Judge John C. Uhler that she went to cut a piece of cake the night of the knife fight. According to Harrelson, Stambaugh was "hammered," and thus they started arguing...and eventually stabbing. Stambaugh told officers that Harrelson was drunk as well.

According to the prosecutor, Harrelson never got to eat her cake.

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