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'Naruto' Manga Comic Book Series to End After 15 Years, Will the Anime TV Show Continue?

First Posted: Oct 12, 2014 12:05 PM EDT
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"Naruto," the widely popular Manga series, is coming to an end after 15 years.

It was revealed recently that after 15 years, the creator of the "Naruto" series , Masashi Kishimoto, has decided to bring the Japanese comic book series to an end. Fans should not think of it as the death of the popular character, however, because Naruto will live on through numerous films, TV shows and video games.

The publisher of the "Naruto" manga, Shueisha, gave the details. The series will conclude in the Nov. 14 edition of the Weekly Shonen Jump anthology. Shonen Jump is a renowned digital Manga magazine, and this is where Naruto first appeared back in September 1999, Wired reported. The latest chapters of Naruto are already available in English through the Shonen Jump app.

Naruto was created after a "one shot" manga by Kishimoto in August 1997. Two years later, Naruto appeared in the 43rd issue of the Shueisha publication the Weekly Shonen Jump.  

The manga takes place in a world that is made up of mystical ninjas who can manipulate energy called chakra. It is the chakra that gives the characters various abilities, making them sort of like superheroes. The characters in the universe are known for having flashy powers and loud battle cries.

Enter Naruto Uzmaki.

Naruto is a trainee who has come to learn because he has been outcast from his village. He was ostracized because he became cursed with the Nine-Tails Fox that exists within his body. Naruto's never ending struggle is to become a leader for his people. This story has spawned over the course of 700 Manga chapters and more than 600 anime episodes.

Naruto has also spawned dozens of anime movies and video games. It is one of the most popular series in Japanm coming in second to the pirate saga "One Piece," according to Wired.Today, "Naruto" still remains a top seller domestically and internationally.

The signs of Naruto's end were seen. Within the last year, Kishimoto started to wrap up the story with a long battle against the progenitor of the world's chakra,

How will Naruto end?

The Weekly Shonen Jump publication has five installments left to be published. There will be a concluding episode that is expected to appear in the magazine's 50th issue on Nov. 10.

For fans in Japan, the 71st volume of the manga book is expected to come out on Nov. 4. There is also a new anime film adaptation titled "The Last: Naruto the Movie," scheduled to be released on Dec. 6.

"The Last: Naruto the Movie" is not the end of Naruto entirely. This anime film will mark its 10th movie. Fans expect that this film will be canonical of "Naruto."

The weekly TV series will still continue.

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