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Tina Fey 'Topless' SNL Promo: Saturday Night Live Alum Spoofs 'Wardrobe Malfunction'

First Posted: Sep 27, 2013 03:33 PM EDT
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Tina Fey Makes Fun of Her Wardrobe Malfunction and Appears Topless on SNL

If an embarrassing moment is worth remembering, you can count on "Saturday Night Live" to makes a spoof out of it. Tina Fey had a real-life wardrobe malfunction at Sunday's Emmy Awards. She has a great sense of humor and is able to laugh and can make fun of herself. Well Tina does just that in the latest promo for "Saturday Night Live" making fun of her own nip-slip.

The video clip was released by NBC shows Fey fully clothed with Kenan Thompson. Thompson tells the audience "There will be no more wardrobe malfunctions like at the Emmys." He then turns to Tina and asked her "Unless you want to do one?"

Tina is dressed in a black jacket and matching pants and says "No that's right" and all of a sudden she pops open her jacket to reveal she is topless underneath. She says that it's not going to happen again and she'll have it under control as she covers her breasts after giving audience the intentional wardrobe malfunction.

Immediately after Tina has realized what she's done and says "I forgot my shirt."

We also see in the promo Tina rehearsing and her expressing her excitement to reunite back on "Saturday Night Live." "It doesn't feel good to be back. It feels great to be back! We promise, SNL will be over in time for you to watch the Breaking Bad final," Tina and Thompson tell viewers.

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