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Fox News Contributor and 'Clueless' Actress Stacey Dash Says Damon, Damien Told Her to 'Keep My Mouth Shut' [Video]

First Posted: Dec 17, 2014 04:39 PM EST

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During a recent interview with The Edit, actress and Fox News contributor Stacey Dash revealed that she has a strained relationship with her family members because of her conservative political views.

Stacey, who is best known for starring in the film and TV adaptation "Clueless," revealed that her cousin Damon Dash, a record label executive, and her brother Damien Dash, CEO of DME Interactive Holdings, no longer speak to her because "they were the ones who told me to keep my mouth shut."

"They felt that I should do certain things because I'm black," Stacey said.

Although Stacey has no reservations when voicing her right-wing political views in support of the GOP, many African Americans and other minorities have slammed the actress-turned-political contributor for publicly demonizing and denigrating minority groups on Fox News and Twitter. Most recently, Ebony magazine named Stacey as the "one of 2014's top 10 trending black actresses on Google for all the wrong reasons."

Despite the backlash she's received from her family and social media users, Stacey said she still has many supporters who often approach her on the street to thank her for voicing her political opinion.

"In the street I get [approached by] so many people of every color saying: 'Thank you so much for standing up and being so brave," Stacey explained. "I thought it was time to have a black president and that it would unite us in such a profound way. But as a country, I don't think we've been so divided since the Civil Rights Movement."

Stacey also added that when she does receive hateful tweets, she finds it amusing and re-tweets them.

"When I get hateful tweets, I just re-tweet them," she mused. "And then my fans pile in and attack the haters while I sit back."

Last month, the Inquisitr reported that Stacey garnered immense backlash from social media users after appearing on Fox News' "Hannity" and describing minorities as "worthless" and "uneducated."

"No, not at all ... They are getting money for free. They feel worthless. They are uneducated," Stacey responded when asked if President Obama was successful in helping the minority community. 

Watch the controversial interview below:

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