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American Idol Auditions 2014 Dates and Locations: Judges Find Potential Top 10 Contestants in Detroit

First Posted: Oct 10, 2013 12:59 PM EDT

The "American Idol" judges finished their two-day visit to Detroit yesterday, where those who made it to callbacks were given the chance to perform in front of Jennifer Lopez, Keith Urban and Harry Connick Jr. and chat with host Ryan Seacrest.

The first round of "American Idol" Detroit auditions was held earlier this year. Those who made it past that round were given the chance to meet the new-and-improved judge panel and sing their way into Hollywood via the famous golden ticket.

"Lots of good talent here in Michigan," Urban said during a press conference Wednesday. "Detroit delivered."

Hopes were high for the 3,500 "Idol" hopefuls gathered on the fourth floor ballroom of Westin Book Cadillac. Those who received the golden ticket jumped and screamed from behind closed doors. Media were not allowed to interview the happy singers.

According to Lopez, "Idol's" time in Detroit was "two pretty great days," but compared to the other cities they have visited, "it's hard to say that this one is so much better than that one."

Still, the judge, who is making a return to "Idol" after taking a season-long break, was impressed by the Detroit talent.

"I've got this system where I put a heart around someone who I really think can make the top-10," Lopez said. "Yesterday I think I had one, today I had six."

Connick also saw great potential in the Detroit natives.

"A couple of people are straight-away top-three," he said.

As for the judges, they might be getting a bit too comfortable with each other. During the press conference, Seacrest, Urban and Connick's seats were lowered while Lopez's was raised; a prank to demonstrate the  judge's superiority.

"All kidding aside," Connick said with a straight face, "I hate these people."

Auditions for the next "American Idol" were also held in Salt Lake City, Austin, and Boston.

Season 13 of "American Idol" premieres in January on FOX.

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