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PS4 Black Friday Deals 2013: PlayStation 4 Consoles In Stock, But Few Big Discounts Expected

First Posted: Nov 18, 2013 01:54 PM EST

Black Friday is the day when Americans all over the country camp out in front of their favorite stores to get super-huge discounts as a jump-start to their Christmas shopping (there's only 37 days left before Christmas, in case you're keeping track). However, gamers & tech-nerds looking for deals on the much-coveted PS4 are going to have to wait a little longer than the day after Thanksgiving to get any significant discounts...if they can get the PS4 at all.

According to Highlight Press, both GameStop and WalMart are boasting to have the PS4 in stock, albeit in limited quantity. GameStop's ad, especially, has been leaked, and it's suggested that each GameStop will have only 8 consoles in stock per store on Black Friday. Expect, then, the competition for each console to be fierce and stiff, with WalMart beginning to hand out pre-order bands beginning at 6pm on Thanksgiving night.

Because of this, don't expect the console to sell for one dollar less than the suggested retail price of $399, according to Christian Science Monitor. If you do want some deals on the PS4, CSM suggests that you wait until March to get up to a 10% discount. Considering that the PS4 sold over one million units on its first day of release, it's safe to say that a few extra weeks, or months, of waiting isn't going to cause nyone any harm either way. The games for the console, however, will see a much more significant drop in price: games as high as $60 can go as low as $20 after only 4 months on the shelves.

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