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Kendall Jenner Instagram Pictures: Exposed Breasts in See-Through Top

First Posted: Nov 20, 2013 03:07 PM EST
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Kendall Jenner

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Kendall Jenner makes headlines once again after posting a "sneak peek" of a photo shot by photographer Russell James on her Instagram page. In the picture she is wearing a sheer black top showing off her bosom...nips and all.  

Kim Kardashian's little sister who just turned 18, plans to take her modeling career to new heights, hoping to finally become a Victoria's Secret model, as she always dreamed. Photographer Russell James is actually known for his high profile photography of several models including the Victoria Secret Angel's, having just worked on their annual fashion show last week. So does this mean that Kendall is networking her way into "that dream of hers" as she told E! Online back in April?

Of course, big sister and biggest fan of Kendall and Kylie, Khloe Kardashian, immediately took to Twitter to respond to the opinions of people finding the photo inappropriate. "I love seeing all of these haters comments. Naomi, Kate, Cindy...all fabulous models...models and photographers take beautiful...artistic images. And I don't hear you birds' chirp then. Sit down and enjoy the view" Khloe tweeted. The feisty Kardashians have always been supporters of each other's risqué pictures and...videos. Therefore, to see the younger sisters pushing the envelope should come to no surprise to anyone.

Kendall posted another photo with the caption "behind the scenes today...literally lol" where you can see her entire outfit. Well, the outfit consisted of bikini underwear, knee high boots and that sheer top? It was also cropped. To Kendall's defense this is what modeling consist of. How often do you see models wearing turtlenecks, loose pants and flat shoes? Well, unless of course you are looking at a Macy's catalog. Kendall is obviously shooting high in the modeling world and I mean, Kate Upton didn't make it to Sports Illustrated by covering up.

Maybe people are starting to build a negative perception of Kylie and Kendall Jenner because of all of the rumored underage partying they have been doing lately? But modeling is very free, natural and artistic; besides, Kendall is 18 years old, making it legal for her to make these decisions on her own. Plus, we know one person that won't stop her...momma Kris, looking out for the family business first and reputation way after. Oops...did I just say that?

What do you guys think about Kendall's photos?

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