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Beyonce New Album 2013 Release Date & Tracklist: Ryan Tedder Says Record is 'Amazing'

First Posted: Nov 22, 2013 09:54 AM EST

Ryan Tedder swears that new Beyonce music is 'amazing,' thus intensifying the clamour of fans for Queen Bey's hotly-anticipated 2013 album, reports Metro.

The One Republic crooner has disclosed that he has been working with Beyonce, teaming up with producer The Dream for the new Beyonce track. Tedder wrote the song "Halo" for the Sasha Fierce diva way back, while The Dream produced the song, "Single Ladies."  Tedder said, "I have a song on her next album that I did with The Dream. He did Single Ladies. I did Halo. So what would happen if we did a song together?" reports Metro. Tedder assured fans that the collaboration among the three of them was sure to be "a bigger and better song than Halo."

Despite working closely with Beyonce, Tedder has no inkling when the diva's 2013 album, or any of her new singles, may be released. The multi-awarded songwriter could only swear by the 'amazing' brilliance of the tracks in store for Queen Bey's fans. He said "I don't know when she's coming out with something, I don't know what the album's called, all I know is what I've heard is amazing and I honestly cannot wait until our song comes out," according to Metro. Her track entitled "God Made You Beautiful," which had been used as background music for her documentary, is said to have been included in the new album. 

It has been reported earlier by Latin Post that a possible date for the new album's release is December 3, allegedly a strategic move by Queen Bey so that her record will then be the last release for the year. Katy Perry and Miley Cyrus launched their albums in October, while Lady Gaga and Eminem released their new music this month. The buzz about Queen Bey's big release date getting closer has peaked with the diva reportedly becoming busy recently in filming scenes at the Coney Island fair in New York and at the Greenham Common in London for some music videos.

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