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Paris Jackson Won't be 'Home for Christmas' From Utah Boarding School

First Posted: Nov 27, 2013 04:09 PM EST
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Paris Jackson continues to deal with her many problems at the Utah boarding school where she is away from her stardom and the paparazzi. But her "issues run so deep" that she might not even be coming home to L.A for the holidays.

After Paris Jackson's suicide attempt, she was finally "heard". It seemed like Paris had been affected much more than her own family knew by the death of her father, Michael Jackson. Too young to understand then, Paris started to show signs of a disturbed teenager by posting questionable videos online and acting rather "dark and mysterious". Being under the custody of her grandmother Katherine Jackson, she attempted suicide and was immediately hospitalized and then transferred to UCLA Medical Center. The hospital only disturbed Paris even more since it was the hospital where her father was taken and then pronounced dead.

The final solution was to get Paris away from her Hollywood life and media scrutiny. Her mother, Debbie Rowe and grandmother Katherine Jackson are constantly in contact with Paris at the Utah boarding school where she now lives. TMZ reports, that Paris however, still has many rooted issues and is probably going to be at the boarding school for years to come. In a recent therapy session where Debbie and Katherine were over the phone with Paris and her therapist, things seem to be better but not yet right. The therapist told them that Paris could go home for a "few days in January" but that's it. Hopefully this new "source" at the boarding school who is reporting all of this, isn't bothering Paris and delaying her from total recovery.

Usually, these boarding schools are known to be where parents send their disobedient badly behaved and often spoiled kids. Paris Jackson isn't an undisciplined kid, so is this the best place for her to be? Maybe this gives her a sort of "normal" way to recover instead of being admitted into a psych ward, which might take it too far. As Randy Jackson, Paris's uncle, argues; "she is not psychotic". We truly wish Paris the best and hope that she can learn to live a happy life, after all that's what her father wanted for her.

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