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Kendall Jenner and Harry Styles: One Direction Star Confirms They Are Dating, Kardashian Heiress Says They're Just Friends

First Posted: Nov 28, 2013 10:03 AM EST
How rich are the Kardashian and Jenner women?

So Harry Styles confirms what Kendall Jenner denies? The dinner dates, the backstage "cozying up" and the constant contact all point to yes, these two are indeed dating. Yet Kendall Jenner told E! News that she and Harry are "just friends".

Maybe it's just too early and these two do not want to jinx anything? Or maybe they haven't agreed on any title yet. The one thing they should probably agree is on telling news reporters the same thing. Last Saturday, during the One Direction' seven-hour live stream event, 1D Day, Harry told journalist Pier Morgan that he "guesses" that he and Kendall are dating. His exact words were "I mean...we went out for dinner, but no...I guess". Well Harry, I don't know how it's done in London, but here in the United States, when you go to dinner with someone it means that you just went on a date. You go out with someone in that manner once you want to get to know him or her?

The next day at the AMA's red carpet Kendall told E! News; "we're friends, he's cool, yea, he's cool. You go out with one person, you're automatically dating them". Little sister Kylie then jumped in saying "It's very hard to have friends of the opposite sex". Uhh, sorry Kylie, nobody asked you...snap snap. What is all the hush hush about? Harry is "cracking" (a word the British use for someone who is stunning) and he is doing fantastic in his career, why would you want to deny dating him? These two are both up and coming, young and each other and cut the secrecy. Plus, you are both celebrities, you are the paparazzi's bate; the world will keep catching you together.

Do you think Kendall and Harry should fess up? What are your thoughts on their romance or "friendship"? 

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