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Nymphomaniac New Movie Release Date: Is Film Too Controversial For Theaters?

First Posted: Dec 02, 2013 02:13 PM EST
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It seems like no matter how old we are we still giggle at the word sex. The media is full of it, giving us television shows like "Scandal" and "True Blood", known for their racy sex scenes and that bad behavior that we love. It's the era of the free and the sexy, but have you ever heard of a nymphomaniacs? Do you really understand this term? A new film takes us into a different side of sex.

Magnolia Pictures and director Lars Von Trier are raising eyebrows with their new and not yet dated for release "Nymphomaniac", starring Shia LaBeouf and Charlotte Gainsbourg. In the film, "Joe", played by Charlotte Gainsbourg, is a self-diagnosed nymphomaniac who has been living an "erotic journey from birth to the age of 50" when the movie takes place. "On a cold winter's evening, charming bachelor, Seligman, played by Stellan Skarsgard, finds Joe beaten up in an alleyway, bringing her home and tending to her wounds, [he begans to ask her] about her life". She then narrates the tale that is her lustful untamed encounters with many men and her failed attempts to control her wild urges. I hope you're ready to see the star of Disney Channel's "Even Stevens" and "Transformers" like you never seen him before. Also in the spicy cast is Christian Slater,Uma Thurman, Jamie Bell and Willem Dafoe.

The International Classification of Disease of the World Health Organization has described nymphomania as "Excessive Sexual Drive" but it is "under consideration for inclusion in the appendix of the DSM, but not in the main list of official diagnoses". Whether or not Nymphomania is a certified disease, it is something very real in certain people's lives. There are even support groups who meet in order to find ways of controlling their sexual tendencies. This is something also featured in the film "Nymphomaniac". Other than just another sexual film, this movie can really be a way of exposing this problem and helping people understand that woman like Joe really exists. Sex is a beautiful thing, but not when you are addicted to it, having intimate encounters with strangers, anywhere and at any time. You see how that can lead to diseases and even embarrassing arrests? One thing is to be adventurous and free and another is to become a "sex monster".

This film might cause a big stir but it will also serve as a lesson for all of us wondering more about Nympho's, it might not be so funny after all. Will you be watching?

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