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Real Housewives of Atlanta Update: Nene Leakes Leaving?

First Posted: Dec 03, 2013 05:45 PM EST
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"Real Housewives of Atlanta" without Nene Leakes? I don't think so "honey". There seem to be a few clues in the media world hinting that Nene Leakes will be leaving the show that took her to stardom. But Nene Leakes over-the-top personality is what makes this show, well... happen! Many believe that if Leakes does indeed leave "Real Housewives of Atlanta," it will be over for the rest of the girls.

"Basketball Wives" seems to be over now that Evelyn Lozada is pregnant and moving on to other things. And we all know Evelyn Lozada is to "Basketball Wives" what Nene Leakes is to "The Real Housewives of Atlanta" cannot have one without the other. From a Twitter conversation that Nene was having with a fan it seems like she would prefer a spin off show or the talk show that she always mentions. Nene hasn't been appearing much on the episode of RHOA and viewers are starting to panick. "Nene Leakes needs 2 b n mo scenes. She's not on the show as much. It's all-apart of their plan! We see" one tweetler wrote. Other people are mentioning that the show is boring without her and that it would all end if Nene would leave.

Well, Nene Leakes is now acting and she has mentioned before that she isn't going to do the show forever. "At some point I do [plan to leave RHOA]. I love the acting world. So at some point...I can't continue to be a Housewife. At some point, I have to back out". Nene also adds that she would love to have her own talk show saying that "she would keep it real for the whole hour!".  She says she would love to have a show like Maury Povich, figuring out "who's the baby daddy", she truly is hilarious. "It's just a matter of time, I am not religious, but I am spiritual, honey, my day is coming!" Said in the words of Nene Leakes herself, it seems like that time is getting closer and closer as we see her in more television shows, movies and even talk shows. Good luck to you Nene, to us you will always be the queen of Atlanta.   

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