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Ashley Benson Instagram Update: Pretty Little Liars Star Disappoves of New Poster

First Posted: Dec 12, 2013 03:53 PM EST

Pretty Little Liars star Ashley Benson is sick of editors using tricks to make her look perfect. The actress took to social media to show her disgust for a new poster for her show.

Recently, Benson uploaded a picture of a Pretty Little Liars ad featuring the face of her and her three co-stars onto her Instagram page. The 23-year-old actress wasn't shy about sharing her opinion on the piece.

"Saw this floating around....hope it's not the poster," Benson said in the photo's caption. "Our faces in this were from 4 years ago.....and we all look ridiculous."

Although Benson is not sure if the picture is an official Pretty Little Liars poster, she says that it is an inaccurate representation of her and her co-stars, Lucy Hale, Shay Mitchell and Troian Bellisario

"Way too much photo shop. We all have flaws. No one looks like this. It's not attractive," Benson continued.

ABC Family has yet to comment on the image.

In other Photoshop news, Us Weekly is now being accused of Photoshopping their cover photo of Kim Kardashian to give her a post-pregnancy bikini body.

"MY BODY IS BACK! NO GIMMICKS, NO SURGERY!" the headline on the Us Weekly cover said next to two photos of Kardashian in a white bikini.

Kardashian may not have needed surgery, but experts say she did need Photoshop to get the photo shown on the tabloid cover.

"I qualitatively think that it looks like they airbrushed the neck  -- not the head ... she has a naturally small head --  which makes her head look 'off' and her hips," Chris Spagnuolo, editorial director of, told Fox News." [Her] waist doesn't look normal, especially compared to all of the other full body bikini photos of her." 

If the photo was doctored, Kardashian was not to blame. According to her rep, she was neither aware of the photo being used for Us Weekly's cover, nor did her or her people approve it.

"We didn't do an US Weekly cover," the rep said. "I haven't seen it yet. I'm told they have used paparazzi shots." 

The world is sick of looking at Photoshopped celebrities, and it seems even the celebrities themselves are getting tired of it. Maybe it's time to put the spray brush down.

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