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Paul Walker Death Update: Southern Rapper Makes "Paul Walker" Song With Offensive Lyrics

First Posted: Dec 14, 2013 12:09 PM EST
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It was only a matter of time before it happened: a Southern rapper desperate for fame (and attention) has released a song called "Paul Walker" and it features tasteless lyrics ("hit the gas, Paul Walker") that poke fun at the actor's untimely death.

Little is known about the artist (who goes by the name of "DayLyt" (pronounced, presumably, "Day Light") and comes from "Quillvill"), whose Twitter feed reads like the subliterate rantings of a high school dropout, and who would not be known were it not for the song that was designed to garner attention (even MediaTakeOut featured the song... but then again, anything that caters to the lowest common denominator is easy pickin's for the site).

The YouTube comments, as well, aren't a positive testimonial for the public school system of the United States. Amongst the standout comments:

Fox7seven: "look at all the sensitive nigg@z disliking the video.. Is just a video... besides they dead because they were speeding... simple as that.."

BlackAngryGamer83: "Shut the f*ck up, y'all sensitive a** n****** acting like y'all knew paul walker, that n**** thought he was still in the fast in the furious movie til sh*t got real.. its his stupid ass fault for driving all fast nsh*t. Damn y'all n***** kill me with that sh*t.. that n**** ain't no damn angel. f*ck!"

d15craxx: "He does everything he can to get some attention... Here is a tip for you Daylyt, record yourself eating your momma from the behind and put it out on the net, attention guarenteed, don't even worry about it."

hamilton ah: "who is this weak a** n**** you suck boi quit while you are head hahahahah worst song ive even heard ever !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!"

Ultimately, there is a HUGE difference between "publicity & marketing" and "obvious attention whoring." "DayLyt" falls into the latter category -- no legitimate businessman in the entertainment industry can, or will, take him seriously with such obvious publicity stunts (not to mention trashy lyrics, subpar beats, mediocre visuals, and an inability to form a complete sentence).

Check out the video below and judge for yourself:

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