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Apple iPhone 5s Cases & Battery Life Tips: Best iPhone 5 & 5s Cases; Battery Life Tips

First Posted: Dec 28, 2013 03:51 PM EST
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You can't live without your iPhone 5s, but the battery keeps letting you down. You're missing important calls and your boss is growing increasingly frustatrated. He suggests you get an Android phone, but you know better. So if you have an additional $80-120 dollars to spend, you can buy a Mophie Juice Pack case. The Mophie Juice Pack Helium adds 80 percent more battery power while the Air provides double the battery life. For the non-stop business type, consider the top-of-the-line Juice Pack Plus for up to 120 percent extra battery life.

But what happens when you don't want to buy a pricey battery case. Even if money is no option, you could already own a case, like the Otterbox Commuter, that protects your 5s better than a Mophie, but without the extra juice. How do you go about optimizing the iPhone's existing battery then? With six quick and easy tips you can dramatically increase the amount of time you have to talk, text and surf on your brand new phone.

Turn off Background App Refresh

Think of this feature as a vampire. It absolutely sucks the life out of the 5s by continually updating open applications over cellular or wifi. To turn off the feature go to Settings > General > Background App Refresh. If you want certain apps to remain open in order to continuously update you, you can do so here.

Turn off wifi 

Wifi is a great alternative to always using your provider's cellular data. Data is expensive and overages can cost you hundreds of dollars. But Wifi is also a battery hog when left on despite not being connected to a network. Just turn off Wifi by visiting the settings menu when you're on the move. When you visit a coffee shop or library feel free to connect to their wireless router.

Set your display brightness

By turning off Auto-Brightness you can choose the brightness setting you think best suits your needs. This is the most tried and true method of battery savers everywhere. Go to Settings > Wallpapers & Brightness and disable the Auto-brightness feature. You can also drag up on the bottom of the home screen to reveal the control center and change the setting that way.

Turn on Airplane mode 

Airplane mode shuts off all cellular and wifi data thereby maximizing battery efficiency. This is great if you just want to read a downloaded kindle book or play a game of Candy Crush with no distractions. Of course you cannot use Apple maps, send emails or do any other data related tasks.

Reduce the new iOS 7 animations

iPhone 5s has a ton of power thanks to its 64 bit chip. As such, the Apple design team added a bunch of animations, including a parallax feature. That basically means that when you tilt the phone, the background image seemed to move. This makes some people dizzy, but really it's tacky. By turning off the parallax effect you preserve battery life. To do so go to Settings > General > Accessibility and enable "reduce motion."

More iPhone Cases

The iPhone is always with you when you're on the go and sometimes it slips out of your hand and onto the pavement. These phones break very easily so it is important to consider getting a case. iPhone cases were a big hit this holiday season and we can expect them to remain popular into 2014 as Apple continues to release even more colors of iPhone cases. Here are a few worth checking out:

Belkin Grip Candy Sheer Case / Cover for iPhone 5 and 5S (Gravel / Black) -- via Amazon.

Spigen SGP10492 Tough Armor Case for iPhone 5/5S -- Retail Packaging -- SF Smooth Black -- via Amazon/Spigen

Lifeproof iPhone 5S fre Case-Black/Black -- Carrying Case -- via Amazon/LifeProof

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