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Top iPad Apps 2014: Get the Most Out of Your iPad in the New Year With These 7 Great Apps

First Posted: Jan 02, 2014 01:17 PM EST

Here are the apps you need to make the most out of your iPad in 2014:


Take your photography further than you can with a smartphone with this free app. You add sound and commentary to your favorite pictures and create "memos" that you can share. With this app following the social media trend of having followers, actitvity updates (which is like status updates) and handles, this app might just become the next social media craze.


Nothing makes you feel better about such a luxurious purchase than using it for good. Apple has named WWF Together as the 2013 Apple Design Award Winner. This interactive app teaches users about endangered species through vivid photos. The iPad's advanced display technology will make this app a true experience. If your New Year's resolution is to be nicer to animals, this app is for you.


Keep your New Year's resolution of traveling with Triptease. The iPad is revolutionarily light, so you're going to want to take it everywhere. With Triptease, you can pick exactly where you will take your tablet. The app features drool-worthy photography of all the sites you wish you were seeing, as well as user-submitted reviews. So go on, take your iPad to the best places to go.


This addictive, simple game is a quick way to get hooked to your iPad while getting used to its touchscreen. Simply make squares out of four dots of the same color from the colorful grid, and rack up the points. The game's bright colors, fun sound effects and different modes will have you refusing to let go of your iPad.


Perhaps 2014 is the year you want to finally learn Spanish, or another language. This app can make a popular New Year's resolution a bit more fun. Dulingo is designed to help users learn a new language through online-player games. You can also use the app to translate webpages.


What's the biggest difference between a tablet and a smartphone? The answer is a bigger screen, of course. There is no better way to enjoy the iPad's Retina display than by watching all your favorite videos on YouTube. The app will give you access to your favorite clips, trailers, music videos and viral madness with the push of a button. I recommend checking out Chuck Norris and Jeanne-Claude Van Damme doing the splits.


The iPad gives you the word processing capacity that is nearly impossible on iPhones, or any other smartphone for that matter. This essential app allows you to create documents and store them online via iCloud.

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