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'Tomorrowland' Actress Britt Robertson Doesn't Want to Be the Next Big Thing

First Posted: May 27, 2015 11:49 PM EDT
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Britt Robertson's portrayal of Casey Newton in the futuristic film "Tomorrowland" could launch her to stardom, but the actress doesn't want to be the Next Big Thing, Los Angeles Times reported.

In the Disney-produced movie, she stars with famous actors, George Clooney, who played the inventor Frank Walker, and "House, M.D." lead Hugh Laurie, who acted as the villain, Nix.

Despite the film's lukewarm reception from critics, Robertson earned positive reviews for her performance. A review by Cleveland.com reads, "Also inspired is the movie's choice to make Casey, not Frank, the hero. This movie is light-years away from the bleak violence of 'Mad Max: Fury Road,' but they share a common trait: whip-smart and fearless female heroes, who never make a big deal about being women."

The article praises the young actress saying, "Robertson is a revelation who effortlessly steals almost every scene from the grumpy Frank with her youthful enthusiasm, natural genius, mod can-do attitude and courage."

An article on the movie by New York Daily News states, "Robertson ('The Longest Ride') is also adept at providing smart, spunky, can-do 'tude; and Cassidy, a young English actress, is entertaining as both android guide and action heroine. Both young performers provide the leap forward that will hopefully be the legacy of 'Tomorrowland': blockbuster heroines who transcend the limits of their movies, and their young fans' hopes and dreams."

However, as LA Times informed, Robertson does not like to dwell on how her fame will skyrocket because of her exposure in the sci-fi adventure movie. The 25-year-old actress shared, "My mom or my agent will be like, 'This is going to be your year, honey!' I don't want it to just be a year. I want it to be a career." 

In her own words, she expressed her dedication to her craft and does not want it to be just like 15 minutes of fame, so to speak. She adds, "I don't put a lot of stock in those things. Scott Eastwood [co-actor in 'The Longest Ride'] is always telling me I have to look at my career from a business point of view, and it just cracks me up. I consider myself an actor."

Robertson, a South Carolina native who planted her feet in L.A. at a young age of 14, surely knows what she's talking about. She shared that she faced several rejections many times in the early stages of her career and she still stayed to prove she can have longevity in her chosen field.

Her "Tomorrowland" director Brad Bird knew that Robertson could last in the business. He told the Times, "The people who are in this because they love acting and not because they need to be the flavor of the week -- those are the people who have long careers, I think Britt is going to be one of those people."

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