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Jada Pinkett Smith, Gwyneth Paltrow and More: Non-Latino Celebrities Who Speak Spanish

First Posted: Jan 13, 2014 02:52 AM EST

Spanish is the second most used language in the United States, and according to the 2012 U.S. Census Bureau, it is the primary language spoken at home by 38.3 million people age five or older -- having doubled since 1990. Latinos and non-Latinos, alike, are obliging to the growing need to speak and understand Spanish, as it's a valuable skill in most fields -- even in Hollywood. Filming in foreign locations, Spanish-language media outlets and communication onscreen are just some examples of when the language is useful. Latino stars are sometimes expected to speak Spanish in Hollywood, even though some are unable. More shocking, is the amount of non-Latinos stars who can speak Spanish.

There are a great deal of non-Latino celebrities who converse in Spanish -- or at least try. Many of which, speak Spanish when conducting interviews and addressing the Latino public.

The Pulitzer Prize-nominated and Grammy-winning author Maya Angelou learned Spanish as a teenager and perfected it through years of extensive travel. Angelou's father, who was also fluent in Spanish, also helped her master the language. Award-winning actress Gwyneth Paltrow can thank a summer spent abroad as a foreign exchange student in Spain for her handle on the language. She is fluent in Spanish, and has been known to confidently interview and talk about her film career in foreign tongue. The charismatic British star of Thor 2 and The Avenger, Tom Hiddleston, conducts all of his interviews in Spain and Latin America in español.

The 69-year-old Italian American Danny DeVito demonstrated Spanish skills when he voiced the character of the Lorax in Spanish for the Spanish and Latin American versions of the film. The talented acting duo Casey and Ben Affleck became fluent in Spanish while living in Mexico when they were younger. The handsome futbol star David Beckham learned Spanish while playing for Real Madrid. He's been seen shyly speaking proficient Spanish when addressing Spanish media.

Matt Damon learned the language through an immersion course in Mexico, and perfected Spanish while backpacking through Mexico and Guatemala. He undoubtedly keeps his Spanish sharp when conversing with his wife, Argentine beauty Luciana Bozan Barroso. Model, Singer and Actress Kate Bosworth is fluent in Spanish which undoubtedly comes in handy in her native state, California.

Will Smith isn't fluent in Spanish, but the actor does not shy away from an opportunity to use the language during interviews. Jada Pinkett Smith, like her husband, has no qualms about engaging Latino media outlets and conducting interviews completely in Spanish.

Viggo Mortensen speaks English, Dutch, and Spanish fluently, which he learned while living in Argentina with his family. He also earned a degree in Spanish Studies and Politics in 1980. Additionally he has written books of poetry in Spanish and starred in the Spanish language film Alatriste.

Television personality Kourtney Kardashian, the oldest Kardashian sister, knows Spanish and teaches it to her son Mason. She once stated, "We like to speak Spanish to him." The Los Angeles Laker Kobe Bryant, is fluent in English, Italian and Spanish. He learned Spanish while travelling as a child. He is also married to Latina Vanessa Bryant. Tony Award-winning actress Phylicia Rashad, best known for her role as Clair Huxtable on The Cosby Show, is fluent in Spanish, which was sometimes integrated into the show. She and her family moved to Mexico, which is how she learned the language.

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