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Naomi in The Wolf of Wall Street: Meet Margot Robbie, the Woman Who Played DiCaprio's Paramour

First Posted: Jan 15, 2014 11:22 PM EST
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Margot Robbie is smart, tenacious and ready to take everyone in Hollywood by surprise, except herself, of course. She just had her breakout role in the Martin Scorsese picture The Wolf of Wall Street where she played Naomi Lapaglia, the mistress of notorious, bad boy stockbroker and criminal Jordan Belfort. You'll be seeing a lot more of her that's for sure.

Growing up on the Gold Coast, Australia's sixth most populous city, Robbie didn't know she wanted to be an actress. However, after starring in a micro budget thriller she realized she had a knack for acting. So Robbie drew up this little thing called a plan. She was determined to become an actress who made waves. Three years ago, right as network TV's pilot season was getting underway, the 23-year-old former Australian soap star set this plan in motion. She booked a flight to Los Angeles with the goal of booking a big time role in a series. After she landed in LA, Robbie auditioned for a remake Charlie's Angels. Ironically, she landed a pilot that dealt with planes, the 2011 ABC show Pan Am.

Robbie played Laura Cameron, a sophisticated airline stewardess turned government spy, in the show. Pan Am was set during America's "Jet Age" and had a bunch of beautiful people in it, Robbie included, but America failed to tune in. In all honesty, Pan-Am was a really entertaining show. It had high production values, complete with film noir-esque lighting and realistic 1960s locales, but something just didn't click with the viewing audience. Perhaps a cameo by Leonardo DiCaprio would have been the right audience watching ingredient Pan-Am needed. Why Leo? Well, he could've just reprised his Academy Award nominated performance as Pan Am World Airways founder Howard Hughes in The Aviator. But no such white knight arrived and the show was grounded.

That ill-fated production didn't deter Robbie. She simply dusted herself off and moved right along. After a year out of the stoplight it was about time she landed a role in a proper production. That chance came in the Richard Curtis romantic-comedy About Time. It wasn't a starring role, mind you, but it was better than languishing in TV land. Critic Catherine Shoard said the film strongly resembled the 1993 classic comedy Groundhog Day. While other critics liked the film, it definitely didn't have the reach, scope and impact that Harold Ramis's effort included. It was a solid movie, one that Robbie again used to her advantage in climbing up the A-list ladder.

She reached the top rung when she was cast in the aforementioned The Wolf of Wall Street. And just judging by her performance, expect nothing less than an Oscar nominated future. She co-starred alongside none other than DiCaprio, who played Belfort. He picked up some hardware of his own for his bang-up acting job. But Robbie was the true scene stealer. Undeniably one of Wolf's key scenes involved booze and a Robbie in her birthday suit.

"I took three shots of tequila," Robbie told Celebuzz about her down and dirty sex scene with Leonardo DiCaprio. Robbie said the scene was being filmed at 9 a.m. and had to get a little tipsy is order to prepare for the debaucherous nature of the scene. When she got settled down Martin Scorsese called action and the rest is history. If you're following along her and aren't buzzed yourself you'll know that Scorsese also directed The Aviator.

Robbie has already landed a starring role in Focus alongside Will Smith. Focus will have a more lighthearted tone the Wolf, but it will still deal with a con artist. Her career is about to reach the stratosphere, but along with her considerable success Robbie has experienced the dark side of fame as well: the paparazzi and their rumors. She was labeled a homewrecker in November just because she was seen in a picture, on the set of Focus, with Smith. Robbie recently addressed those rumors while talking to Billy Bush as the Golden Globes Red Carpet arrival show.

"I didn't see that coming at all and I was so confused. I was confused on how something like that could come out of nowhere. I figured something would have had to happen for something to escalate like that but really they just happen out of nowhere and I now understand that."

She also expressed her feelings about the rumors on Twitter.

"It's disappointing that goofing around on set could be taken so out of context"

If this affair did go down, which it didn't, Will Smith's wife Jada Pinkett-Smith would've been doing more than whipping her hair. She'd have given Will the pink slip. Now, no offense to Will Smith, but Robbie is the next big thing. Smith was the next big thing in the early 90s. Robbie doesn't need his fame, nor his fortune, so a dalliance like this would serve no purpose. Perhaps it's not wise to hang out with Smith anymore though. She definitely doesn't need the bad press. Case in point? Look at what the After Earth reviews did to Smith's reputation. It's still unlikely that this rumor, or even a bad movie or two, will dampen Robbie's rising star.

Despite all the current adoration and future accolades Robbie is poised to collect, no one resents her. She's a likable actress that fits in with anyone -- whether it be actors DiCaprio and Jonah Hill, the red carpet press or her growing fanbase. In her interviews it's clear she's super intelligent, driven and enjoying every moment of her newfound fame. Arguably, the number one factor that plays into her popularity is that she doesn't come off as two-faced. Unlike fellow actress Anne Hathaway, who everyone thinks is putting on airs, Robbie is more accessible and more down to earth.

Clearly, Miss Margot Robbie is an enterprising gal. What other talents does she have besides acting in major motion pictures? Well, Extra was all over that question at the Globes. The Food Network's Giada de Laurentiis better watch out because this actress can cook!

"I was really good at the BLT's, because there's a couple layers that go into it, so people stuff that up a little bit, but I would do it really well."

Well, maybe making a sandwich isn't cooking per say, but it's pretty impressive when someone as successful as Robbie makes their own food. Plus, I guess you learn how to take care of your meals after experiencing craft services on a soap opera. A girl can only eat so much chocolate after all.

Are you a fan of Margot Robbie? What is your favorite movie or TV show starring Robbie? Let us know in the comments section below. 

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