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HTC One M8 vs. Samsung Galaxy S5 Comparison, Specs, and News: Compare Screen Size, Display, and CPUs

First Posted: Jan 20, 2014 12:13 PM EST

The HTC One and Samsung Galaxy S4 are two of the hottest smartphones on the block. However, they are old news now as each handset has been out for months already. It's 2014 and updates to these 'old' phones are coming. Rumored to be called the HTC One 2 and the Samsung Galaxy 5 (duh!), these upcoming smartphones won't reinvent the wheel. Rather they will be evolutions of a revolution with updated specs and minor cosmetic changes.

The Samsung Galaxy S4 has been a sales disappointment when compared with its predecessor, the iPhone killing Samsung Galaxy S3. Samsung hopes the launch of the Galaxy S5 will be a better seller. The Seoul, South Korea based company will likely introduce two different models to appeal to a wider range of consumers than ever before. A traditional plastic model will appeal to current Samsung device owners whereas an all-metal version will compete for the premium crowd.

The HTC One 2 will have an all-metal body. How do I know? Am I a mind reader? Well, possibly, but if you're familiar with the current HTC One's gorgeous aluminum body this is no surprise. The current HTC One has a 4.7" Full HD screen. The One 2 will likely increase the screen size to 5" and a leaked report claims a significant resolution bump. Currently, the HTC One has a 1080 x 1920 display... the One 2 will feature a 1440 by 2560 (QHD) resolution. Keep this in mind: Apple's 27" iMac desktop computer features the same amount of pixels!

HTC could choose to outfit their phone with the current Android CPU king, the Snapdragon 800 or wait a bit longer and pack in the forthcoming 805 chip. Both of these CPUs are nasty. They are quad-core and provide decent battery life with stunning visual fidelity. 3 gigs of RAM and the latest version of Sense (6.0) could make its way to the HTC One 2. The Samsung Galaxy Note III phablet is currently the only phone on the market with 3 gigs. Most premium Android phones utilize 2 gigs of RAM. Notably, the iPhone 5S includes just 1 gig of RAM. Another interesting feature could be the inclusion of 2 rear facing cameras -- not for 3D capture, but for better autofocus, depth of field (Bokeh) and low light performance. The megapixel count on these two cameras will be low as HTC still beleives in pushing its 'ultra pixel' technology.

The Galaxy S5 will sport the same iMac-esque resolution as the HTC One 2. It will, however, include a much higher resolution, albeit single, camera lens. At either 16 MP or 20 MP, your shots will be able to be printed or cropped at nearly any size. The camera's video mode may be able to record 4K video or quadruple Full HD resolution. Hardly any 4K TVs exist today and those that do cost an arm and a leg. If 4K video recording is added it seems like a silly sales ploy.

Both phones will include slightly bigger batteries, but expect battery life to stay the same. Higher performance equates to lower battery life.

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