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A Great Big World New Album Release 2014: "Is There Anybody Out There?" Hits Stores Today

First Posted: Jan 21, 2014 06:11 PM EST
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A Great Big World has dropped their music album Is There Anybody Out There. Ian Axel and Chad Vaccarino have become pretty popular with their song "Say Something" featuring vocal goddess Christina Aguilera. The duo visited Good Morning America this morning to promote the album on its big day.

A couple of music business students at New York University, Ian and Chad are happily overwhelmed with how the world has welcomed their mellow sound. Being compared to the group Fun., their sound is honest and contemporary. A Great Big World has even had the show Glee cover their song "This is the New Year".

Proving that hard work and a little luck can go a long way; Axel and Vaccarino have toured, sang with Christina Aguilera and performed at award shows. Their "nerdy look" gives hope to those people who think they don't have the "look" to make it in Hollywood. Can it be that if you have talent you might just be able to make it? And guess what? They both sing too!

Is There Anybody Out There is now available on iTunes and at stores. The album consists of 15 songs including the Christina Aguilera collaboration and their "This is the New Year" hit. You can also check out the very honest and awesome theme of "Everyone is Gay," which is very '70s hippie-ish. "There is an Answer" is also pretty fun and relatable for all you dreamers and young lost souls.

The simplicity of their songs and their humble aura (for now) is what makes this album pretty cool. Of course it depends what genre of music you're into but this duo makes us feel like they are one of us. Like Ryan Lewis & Macklemore or even Fun, this group represents an underdog generation that believes in life and fun. Check them out on iTunes and let us know what you think.

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