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Ride Along Movie Review: Kevin Hart and Ice Cube Become Latest Comedic Cop Duo

First Posted: Jan 27, 2014 04:32 PM EST
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Fans of the popular comedian Kevin Hart know that he is extremely hard-working and, when he sets out to do something, he delivers. He is very proud of his new movie featuring himself as a rookie cop who tries to earn the validation of a senior cop who hazes him -- and, more importantly, is the older brother of his girlfriend whom he intends to marry.

The story starts out mainly as a comedy but ends with notes of action and personal transformation. The movie is all fun and games until a grave situation at the end requires the two cops to learn to trust and understand each other in a new light, which changes the nature of their relationship by the end of the movie.

Some reviewers have criticized the movie for being lacking in storyline but admit that it achieved the goal of essentially being a feel-good movie, full of lighthearted humor with a happy ending.

"The film's not-so-secret weapon is Hart. Even with bad material, the guy is really funny. Yet the movie relies too heavily on Hart's ability to riff endlessly, and breathlessly, on his stature or lack of it (the comic is 5-foot-2 and he works it), his bravado or lack of it and, of course, his sex appeal or lack of it," one critic wrote. "Cube is solid as the impenetrable brick wall that Hart's comic barrage bounces off. Their odd-couple shtick delivers laughs. But more often than not 'Ride Along' chokes on its own fumes."

What was intriguing about this movie was that the characters managed to take the rather usual combination of two cops, which is somewhat cliché, and turn it into something which no one expected while being amusing. Both characters are relatively simple, with Ice Cube playing the impenetrable tough-guy and Kevin Hart as the talkative people's person. The story arc basically revolves around Hart's character earning the respect of Ice Cube's.

Ride along was directed by Tim Story, who also directed Think Like a Man. The story unfolds well, with a balance of quick-fire and slow scenes to keep things interesting. The movie is good for viewing with family and friends and it comes at a time when everyone is adjusting from the holiday season and could use a few laughs.

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