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Entourage Movie Rumors, Release Date, and Cast: Billy Bob Thornton to Play Cowboy Turned Film Financier

First Posted: Jan 31, 2014 10:08 AM EST
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Entourage aired on HBO from July 2004 to September 2011. It stared Adrian Grenier as rising movie star Vincent Chase. Entourage showcased the glamour of Hollywood (the money, the booze and the girls), but also its seedy underbelly (the drugs, the arrests and oneself's declining popularity). The Doug Ellin-created series was based off of A-lister Mark Wahlberg's life.  

So who will make up the films cast? Of course, Grenier is returning. But all of his bros are returning as well. Kevin Dillon will portray Johnny Drama, Jerry Ferrara will play Turtle and Kevin Connolly of course will reprise his role as E. And no Entourage movie would ever be complete without agent Ari Gold (Jeremy Pivon) in tow. 

But what about new cast additions? The Hollywood Reporter says seasoned actor Billy Bob Thornton is in negotiations to join the film's cast. If negotiations are finalized, Thornton will play a mega-rich cowboy turned film financer according to E! Online. Expect hilarity, after all, you must remember how funny Thornton can be when he is fully unleashed (i.e. Bad Santa). A yet-to-be-named actor will play the billionaire cowboy's son. The son will be tasked with overseeing the entire film's production. In addition to the main cast expect dozens of scantily clad women to grace the screen as well. 

Over the course of the Entourage's 8-season run we saw the plot center of Vince's transformations from a promising, yet unchallenged actor to a full-fledged super star. In the very first episode we saw Vince hit the red carpet to promote his first major starring role in Queens Boulevard. He mainly landed roles based on his good looks and charms, rather than his innate talent, but in the movie we'll see a newer side of Vince. The movie Thornton's character will be bankrolling is a big-budget Dracula flick. Dracula, of course, will be played by Vince.

Entourage has picked up countless fans since it premiered. A movie version had been rumored for quite some time. But since going off the air there's been enough drama surrounding a potential film than fans would care for. However, the movie is currently in production and scenes are being shot in various Los Angeles locales. Doug Ellin wrote the script and will be helming the picture as well. Nothing can stop the gang now. 

Were you a fan of Entourage during its original run? If so, feel free to share your favorite moments below. Johnny Drama would approve.

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