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How to Make Coke at Home: Coca-Cola Pods Will Now Allow You to the Iconic Make Soda at Home

First Posted: Feb 07, 2014 12:16 PM EST
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Imagine this scenario: instead of going to the corner store to pick up your favorite Coke beverage you just simply reach into your kitchen cabinet and grab a single-serve cup or pod. Then you just stick the pod into a Keurig machine, close the latch, press start and wallah you're well on your way towards making a Coca-Cola beverage right as home. That sounds awesome right?

Well, wait a minute. I must be misinformed. Why would the world's most popular soft drink be served in a K-cup (the kind that fit in Keurig Machines?) After all, Coke is notorious for holding onto their intellectual property. They are famous for only tinkering with the recipe of their flagship soft drink, Coke, a couple of times over the past century. Coca-Cola Headquarters in Atlanta also famously has the original recipe locked in a vault stronger than any bank would dare bother with to secure its customers cash.

But this isn't a joke. The Associated Press reports that Coca-Cola is buying a 10 percent stake in Green Mountain Coffee Roasters Inc. for $1.25 billion. Green Mountain is the owner of the Keurig brand and their product is becoming ubiquitous. Coca-Cola is looking always looking for new growth opportunities. According to Yahoo! Finance, the carbonated beverage market has shrunk over the past 8 years. Coke is not in any financial trouble, but it wants to stay ahead of the curve.

How will these two companies gel and deliver a great product? It helps that Green Mountain Coffee CEO Brian Kelley is a former high-ranking executive at Coca-Cola. Meanwhile, Coca-Cola CEO Muhtar Kent is quickly becoming known as a markedly different kind of suit. He's patriotic and he's enterprising. The two guys will deliver for consumers and shareholders alike. Green Mountain Coffee is currently at work on the "Keurig Cold" machine. Its current machines only make hot drinks like hot chocolate and coffee at the moment.

Kelley want's to "do with cold beverages what has been done with hot tea and coffee."

But "Keurig Cold" wouldn't be the first at-home carbonation system. Other kinds have begun to sell in sizable numbers. SodaStream is the main player in this at-home cola craze. With the success of their machines, SodaStream has doubled its revenue since 2011 and that caught Coke's attention. And while the company is just 100th the size of Coca-Cola it also just paid millions of dollars to advertise during the Super Bowl XLVIII telecast.

So are you read for Coke-cups?

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