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Valentine's Day 2014: Top 5 Ways to Celebrate Even When You're Single

First Posted: Feb 10, 2014 10:54 AM EST

For all of those whose relationship status this coming Valentine's Day 2014 is "single," there are still interesting was to celebrate the heart's day. One of the top priorities to consider is making yourself be the one treated most special on this special occasion.

Here are top 5 ways to help you celebrate V-Day even when you're single:

1. Set a date with your other girlfriends. Whether you decide on a pajama party or just hold a movie marathon with your best lady friends, you will certainly feel less bitter about the happy occasion. In this way, you won't have to feel sad at all especially when you have your other single friends to comfort you and you to them as well.

2. Go for some retail therapy. In this aspect, it could prove right that diamonds is every girl's best friend. If you are on a diet and you do not want to treat yourself to some sweets on a heart's day, then why not go for some fun shopping session.

3. Go platonic. Remember that Valentine's day does not necessarily mean for lovers. It could also be for friends or family. Why not set a date with your best friend and maintain everything just plain platonic as it has always been? To have a close of the opposite sex without having any romantic relationship with can be truly beneficial to any person.

4. Make a date out of your pet. If you have always felt that your furry pet is the one who understands you the most, then attend some activity to treat your pet out.

5. Laugh it out loud. There are lots of Valentine's Day parties and events which also specifically features topics and performances meant for the single people to enjoy. Try out attending some comedy bars or again, spend some night out with friends.

Any other Valentine's Day 2014 suggestions for those who do not have a romantic partner to spend the special occasion with?

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