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Justin Beiber Jail Video: Secret Clip After Miami Arrest Leaked [Watch Here]

First Posted: Feb 10, 2014 10:58 AM EST
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A surveillance video has been released that shows 19-year-old singer Justin Beiber being processed at the Miami Police Station after his DUI arrest.

The video shows Beiber going through a routine processing and being asked to remove his shoes, socks and other articles of clothing as an officer pats him down. In typical Justin behavior, he can be seen somewhat strutting as he is taken into custody.

Justin is seen leaning on a counter and assuming the frisking position. There appears to be nothing found during the pat down although he did admit to being under the influence of some prescription drugs which include Xanax and marijuana during the time of arrest.

The footage also shows the officer reaching down and pulling up the Baby singer's pants until Beiber pulls them up so they don't fall down.

Beiber was charged last month, January 23 for DUI, driving without a valid license and drag-racing, all counts of which he has pleaded not guilty. A police report states that the teen heart-throb "reeked of marijuana" while riding in the patrol car. When confronted over the "strong odor," Bieber copped to smoking pot, the report said.

This case is still separate from the one he faces in California where he could face felony vandalism after pelting his neighbor's home with eggs causing multiple thousands in damages as well as another case of assault back in Toronto.

Daily Mail says the LA County Sheriff's Department has forwarded the vandalism case to the district attorney, with a strong recommendation of prosecution under a more serious felony charge after an estimated $20,000 in damages was caused.

In related news, Beiber's lawyers have made a motion to keep from public circulation a video that shows the singer's "personal parts" during the time of his Miami detention, reports Daily News. Justin's Lawyers are asking a judge to prevent semi-clad images of the teenage singer in Miami Beach police custody following his arrest last month, from being released to the media.

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